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Welcome to the Atelier of Famous Melissa and Co!.

This site is devoted to the arts and the exhibitions of Artemis Gallery.

In Feb. 2002 I evolved my small  fine art atelier into a salon like space called Artemis Gallery.
As an archer, I felt this name appropriate to the enviornment. Sculptor, Joe Slusky was instrumental in this  name choice  along with renovating the space into a gallery setting / art studio.
I have had the honor to work with amazing artists to date. Artemis Gallery has shown international artists, as well as emerging local talent.

I have had the pleasure to work with an escoteric cast of characters such as sculptor  Richard Godfrey wowing the LA art scene .  Rolando Castelleon, museum curator for MOMA, Berkeley, and Oakland , currently  residing in his home country of Costa Rica.  Sculptors Joe Slusky and Chip Sullivan , (both  are professors at U C Berkeley ) staged a  spectacular exhibitied  in Artemis. Bill Wareham and Joe Di Stephano, both visiting professors @ UC Berkeley  put up a savvy show. Visionsary  photographers such as  Barbara Traub, Joegh Bullock, Robert Altman  and the "Rebel With A Cause" the late Chet Helms all shared at one time or another Artemis space proudly.

There is no doubt in my mind that fine artists offer  their viewers  a "soul-full" taste of a visionary world; a most interesting feast of their mindseye and the enviornment that surrounds them.

As for me; I am a sculptress known for pioneering computer chip electronic fashion, (haute-tech couture), and electronic jewelry since the infancy of the desktop computer.

Enjoy the site, there will be much more to come .




Dear Friends and Patrons,                                                                        
After 18 years @ 545 Sutter St., my benevolent landlord has decided to remodel the Westphal Building and raise the rents. There is no rent control for commercial decisions like this. As a result, the building  is currently vacated by all the tenants . Artemis Gallery is now virtual currently seeking another exhibition / retail venue to keep the fine art culture alive. I had a fantastic time making award winning high-tech couture, jewelry, and sculpture in this magical space. Naturally, I will miss it very much. We all had wonderful times when my studio evolved into Artemis Gallery , especially during the art openings!

My Fine Art,  Fine Craft & Other New Endeavors

" Gold Dove", a beautiful  necklace, hand constructed from gold , recycled computer connector pins ( in the shape of three large gold dove wings), was juried into an art exhibition at the Marin County Civic Center Faire and took  the honor of 1st prize. At the same time in San Jose,  Costa Rica,  I was  honored to be included in an international exhibition titled ; " The Curators' Choice". The show was a  juried exhibition at the Arteum Museum.  I have also taken to free lancing articles on fashion and they can be seen in the Marinscope Newpapers  May 8th issue. I profiled Valerie Montgomery's," Yeah Baby" boutique along with four other women in business profiles and had a wonderful time writing. I also wrote the fashion column for The Black Rock Gazette  out at Burningman on playa on trendy playa fashion and survival wear!  I shall do more of that in the future so stay tuned.

Famous Melissa's Movie Star Ocicat , TIGGER

Tigger was cast in an indie feature film " CARMA " by local young filmmaker, Ray Arthur Wang at www.rawpp.com .

Tigger  played the part of STANLEY!  Tigg is a STAR ! 
"CARMA"  is now released and has been invited to a few very highbrow  festivals:
 Cinquest ,
 Sundance , to name drop a few!


MY FINALE EXHIBITION @ 545 Sutter St.  2006

ROLANDO CASTELLON - "An Alegria Holiday"

21st Century Artifacts and Mixed Media Drawings

aka Crus Diablo Alegria - Int'l Award Winning Artist / Curator

Also miniatures by Diana Barquero Perez in the "CADMIOS" Micro Gallery!

  Dec 22   2005 - Jan 22   2006



The Art of Tom Panages

Famous Melissa's brother

"Italian Studies" from Rome, Florence, and Milan, circa 1972

Oct 1 - Nov 15, 2005



* Exqusite fine craft mported from Bali *
A unique collection of fine crafts from Ubud, Sannur, and Depensar.

 masks, hair ornaments, necklaces, and other finely crafted  accessories

 Bali  Journey :  April to May, 2005


previous exhibit


a group exhibition of female bohemians

Curated by DeeDee Russell
April 7 - May 15, 2005


previous exhibit

Dear Chet,
neighbor, dear friend, and fellow artist

mason at bush streets
Atelier Dore undone
its window reflects you, still

interferion noirs
angles in blanc all around
introspection hues

i watched you hold strong
yet we both knew not for long
your time almost gone

did what I could do
a sellout of your show, "MAN" !
now your maker can


Chet Helms was an amazing gentleman and friend. Artemis is honored to have been the finale to Chet's digital photo exhibitions while still alive.
Please visit www.digfotos.com to review the beautiful digital works he created.

" WOMAN " Feb 2004 
"MAN"         Mar. 2005
You may also visit : www.familydog.com

" M A N "

Feb 4 - Mar 31, 2005
Digital Portrait Photography

Previous Exhibit

"Oily Chef Salat"

An international view of American politics

Dorit Edler and Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung

Nov 4 - Dec 31,  2004


When I Was a Smurf

Previous Exhibit

When I Was a Smurf

An introduction exhibition of emerging fine art students.  The featured artists are Olof Aspelin,Juri Ueda, Brishen Mahoney, Shelby Ulibarri, Chris Curtis, Anthony Kurtz, Mark Zimmerman, Brett Amory, Andy Mcpherson, Julie Wu, Jessie Hazelip, Daniel Rojales, Antonio Armasen, and Richard Rodda.

July 1 - Aug 15, 2004



For further information, please contact Famous Melissa @ 788-1866

More Exhibitions curated by Melissa Panages

June    2004 "A Renaissance Man" - Tom Panages - solo show - drawings
May    2004 "Art-Rageous" DeeDee Russell - solo show - mixed media
Feb     2004 "Woman" - Chet Helms - solo show - photography
Dec     2003 "Shibui Arrows" - Melissa Panages - solo show - sumi painting
Oct     2003 "Zen Squared" - Richard Godfrey - solo show - paintings and bronze
Sept    2003 "Neurotic Erotic" - Cliff Colver - solo show - paintings
July     2003 "Introduction Show" - Olof Aspelin & Juri Ueda - paintings
April    2003 "Neo Columbian Artifacts" - Rolando Castellon - solo show - mixed media / mud
Dec     2002 "Occular Curiosities" - Chip Sullivan -solo show - mixed media
Nov     2002 "Sensual Illuminations" - Terry Whistler - solo show - paintings
June    2002 "Fossils" - Joseph Slusky - solo show - steel sculpture / drawings
April    2002 "DeeDee Russell Presents" - solo show - art to wear / paintings
March 2002 "By the Grace of God" - Jeanette MacKinnley & Jim Lechi - 911 survivor show
Feb    2002 "Love's Mysteries Revealed" - group show - paintings and sculpture

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